Strengths of TOPRO

Strengths of TOPRO

Strengths 1: Comprehensive support from analytical evaluation of prototype to mass production

At the development and design stages

We strive to provide comprehensive support and develop high quality products by conducting analytical evaluation of prototype such as printing experiments at the development and design stages.

At the mass production stage

We focus on offering products that satisfy consumer needs with rapid delivery and stable product quality, providing support for problem solving and technical consultation at the mass production stage.

Strengths 2: A professional in mask production with a wealth of experience and advanced technology

In addition to our experience in producing various masks for printing, we have made efforts to improve the quality of mask production used in screen printing or photolithography, reduce costs, shorten delivery times and provide suggestions to fulfill the needs of customers.
Our technicians with a high level of expertise are also capable of making the most suitable suggestions for customers.

Strengths 3: A complete customer service system

Our customer service system responds quickly and sincerely to inquiries and consultation at all times.

  • [Service] Timely responses and effective communication
  • [Delivery] Flexibility and rapid delivery
  • [Support] In-depth technical support for customers’ prototype development
  • [Quality] A comprehensive quality management system

Strengths 4: Prompt response to overseas

In comparison with rival companies based in the Metropolitan area, we have set up our production base in the Hokuriku area to provide timely and reliable delivery in the shortest of lead times to not only Asian countries but all over the world. (Using Komatsu Airport in Ishikawa Prefecture, instead of Haneda Airport or Narita Airport)


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