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1948 September Masahiko Ando and Hiroshi Kono Jointly established the Kono Photo Process Company in
Koenji,Suginami Ward.Tokyo and starts operations.
1961 December Photo processing section is separated to created Kohno Photo. Masahiko Ando is appointed
1968 January Tamagawa Micro Center is established. Equipment Development Division and Special Plate Making Devision are incorporated into Kono Photo.
1970 Automatic screen emulsion coating machine is developed.
1973 May In order to clarify the plan and business of a company, Changed the corporate name from
Kohno Photo Co.,Ltd.
1977 July In order to reply to the request of the highly minute mask from a user, an Ota Micro Center is established newly and business is started.
1980 August Development Center is established, absorbing the Equipment & Material Special
Photoengraving started.
1986 March Graphic Process Center is established in Ikegami, Ota Ward, Tokyo and operations are launched. Special Photoengraving Spection is established in Yokohama Plant in Midori Ward,Yokohama.
1989 December Paid-in capital increases to ¥50 million.The 1st bond issue,100million yen.
1990 October Nagoya Micro Center is established in Nagoya and operations are launched.
1995 November HoKuriku Center is established in the Eastern Industrial Promotion Zone of Komatsu,Ishikawa,Prefecture and operations are launched.
1995 December The metal mask laser equipment in the Ota Micro Center is introduced.
Ota Micro Center photo mask section is moved to Graphic Process Center.
1996 November The Hokuriku center is extended with the increase in manufacture of the large-sized screen
and the special screen.
1997 October Large,High-precision laser plotting equipment is introduced in Hokuriku Center.
1999 December The Company is certified under ISO 9002.
2000 February Follows on the high precision and minimization of the SMT industry,High precision laser processing equipment is introduced at Ota micro center.
2001 May The Material Development Center is transferred to Tana,Sagamihara,Kanagawa Prefecture.
2001 July High-precision laser plotting equipment is introduced in Graphic Process Center too.
Production of a Chrome Mask is started.
2001 November The Hokuriku Technology Development Center is established in Tatsunokuchi-machi Science Park, Ishikawa Prefecture as research and development sector for large-sized PDP screen marks.
2002 November The Company upgrades to ISO 9001:2000.
2003 August High-precision laser plotting equipment is introduced in Hokuriku Center.
2004 July Graphics Processing Center acquires two ultra-high-precision laser plotters.
ISO 14001 certification:Obtained 1996.
2005 July The Company upgrades to ISO 14001:2004.
2005 November Increase the 2nd laboratory in Hokuriku Technology Development Center.
2010 October Upgrade to ISO 9001:2008
2010 July Equipment Development Center moved to Shimomaruko, Ota Ward,Tokyo.
2010 May Nagoya Micro Center is closed and its operation are distributed to other Centers to
streamline operations.
2012 June Opened a Nagoya office,Nakamura-ku,Nagoya,
2014 April Minoru Ota is inaugurated as the president.
2014 Jun Head Office moved to Nakaikegami, Ota Ward,Tokyo.
Sales department moved to Shimomaruko, Ota Ward,Tokyo
2016 January Opening of Shonan Fujisawa Center and relocation of Headquarters and Graphic Process Center
2016 November It became a subsidiary company of TAKEDA PRINTING CO., LTD Toru Fukuura is inaugurated as the chairman
2017 October Integrated Ota Micro Center in Material Development Center.
2017 Nov Upgrade to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015
2019 November Technical building added to Hokuriku Center
2020 January A subsidiary company, Tokyo Process Service (Thailand) CO.,LTD. is established in Thailand.
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