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What is a photo mask?

  • Photo mask is a glass-based or quartz transparent plate with pattern used in the manufacturing of electronic components (semiconductor), printed circuit boards and MEMS.
  • It is a plate for transferring the circuit patterns of electronic components and printed circuit boards by using the transfer technology called photolithography.


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Comparsion of Photo Masks

Substrate / Manufacturing standard

Film mask Glass mask Chrome mask
Substrate standard Substrate Polyester Soda lime glass Soda lime glass
Quartz glass
Substrate thickness 175μm 1.8~5.0mm 1.0~5.0mm
Emulsion Silver halide gelatine emulsion Silver halide gelatine emulsion Low-Reflection Bilayer Chromium,Monolayer Chromium,Three Layer Chromium
Emulsion thickness 7~8μm 5~6μm 100~125nm
Size ~711×813mm ~711×813mm ~700×800mm
Drawing area ~690×800mm ~680×780mm ~700×800mm
Manufacturing standard Minimum line width 30μm 10μm~ 1μm~
Short dimension accuracy ±3μm~ ±1μm~ ±0.1μm~
Long dimension accuracy ±20μm~ ±3μm~ ±0.5μm~

Comparsion of image quality (30μm)

Film mask Glass mask Chrome mask
Image Film mask Glass mask Chrome mask

Expansion ratio of substrates

Polyester Soda lime glass Quartz glass
Temperature Expansion ratio 0.001% 0.00085% 0.00006%
In term of a meter 10.0μm/℃ 8.5μm/℃ 0.6μm/℃
Humidity Expansion ratio 0.0015% None None
In term of a meter 15.0μm/% None None
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