Flow of products from design to delivery

We would like to help solve a wide range of problems related to screen printing. Our representatives and technicians can provide various support for customers, from current status investigation and identification of issues to post-implementation operations.

Step 1:  Inquiry

First, please contact our sales development by telephone or email. Our representatives will get in touch with you shortly.


Step 2:  Confirming specifications of the products

Please tell us about your requirements such as kind of masks, size and accuracy in details.
Our representatives will send you a quotation immediately.

[Estimated production leadtime]

  • Screen mask … takes 4-10 days
  • Photo mask … takes 2-5 days
  • Metal mask … takes 1-7 days

Delivery times vary depending on the specifications of products. Please contact us for details.


Order received


Step 3:  Provision of supplies

Please provide supplied items such as drawings, CAD data, screen frames and positive film to us if necessary.


Step 4:  Production

Every product is manufactured and carefully handled by our specialists in mask production.


Step 5:   Measurement and inspection

Measurement of the final product will be implemented.
Various measurement items can be requested.

We can directly send the measurement results to you in an Excel file for further processing.


Step 6: Delivery and shipment

Products will be shipped and delivered with an inspection checklist.
There is a service that the data of inspection checklist can be sent to you automatically via email.

Please contact us for more information about price and delivery times.

Price and delivery times vary depending on the content and development stage of products. Our representatives and technicians are available for high-quality products and prompt services that fit your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us for details.

Inquiries and Information Request