Support Service System

[Service] Timely responses and effective communication


Our customer service system is primarily comprised of sales and management representatives, dealing with a wide range of customer inquiries.
Sales and management representatives interact with each other to respond to urgent cases or problems without any waiting.

[Delivery] Flexibility and rapid delivery

1) Our plants are available for nighttime operation to achieve flexible and rapid delivery. Products can be taken to customers in the areas near the plants.

2) In comparison with rival companies based in the Metropolitan area, we have set up our production base in the Hokuriku area to provide timely and reliable delivery in the shortest of lead times to not only Asian countries but all over the world. (Using Komatsu Airport in Ishikawa Prefecture, instead of Haneda Airport or Narita Airport)

Shipment is possible on the day of the order. Delivery times vary depending on product specifications. Please contact as for details.


[Support] In-depth technical support for customers’ prototype development

We provide in-depth support for prototype development, such as measurement, evaluation, analysis and suggestions for improvement.

According to the product specifications like dimensions, thickness and durability as customers’ requested, we work on product testing and analytical evaluation using a variety of analytical laboratory equipment.

Further supports including suggestions for improvement based on the result of evaluation are also given.

We construct not only prototype of mask, but also optimized suggestions and prototype of [printing machine + paste + mask (plate)] .

[Quality] A comprehensive quality management system

[A passion for high-precision quality]

We have introduced a top-level measurement accuracy equipment, that is the “FPD total pitch measurement system ‘Mercury series'” from V Technology Co., Ltd.. (Product of photo mask)

We intend to carry out our mission while ensuring stable provision of high-precision and easy-to-handle products for customers.


FPD total pitch measurement system ‘Mercury series’
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